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Surrey Physio – established in 2000 – comprises a team of highly skilled clinicians, specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries, as well as spinal and joint pain. Our physiotherapy clinics are located in Croydon, East Croydon, Sutton, Balham and Mitcham.
Our treatment combines manipulative physiotherapy, exercise based rehab programmes, soft tissue work, acupuncture and plenty of useful advice, serving to produce the best clinical results and patient satisfaction.

We look after a number of International athletes, including Olympians, a number of the UK’s top athletes, world champions in various sports, International tennis players, and a number of high profile sportsmen and women in a number of track and field sports.

We use a hands-on approach to treatment. We actively treat your pain, and have an number of other tools in our toolbox to ensure a speedy recovery.

We don’t just treat SPORTS INJURIES! We treat every day injuries, elderly, young people, work injuries, and aches and strains.


Our promise to you: We will try our very best to get you better as quickly as possible, helping you to get back on the playing field in the minimal time, or back to work quicker at minimal cost.

Meet Our Team

  • Holly Cooper

    Holly Cooper

    Holly is a Chartered Physio who qualified in 2011 from Brighton University. Holly moved back to Swansea after qualifying ...

  • Kay Allardyce

    Kay Allardyce

    Kay has been an Osteopath since 2005 and trained at The British College of Osteopathic Medicine. She is also qualified in ...

  • Lottie Betchley

    Lottie Betchley

    Lottie is a Chartered Physiotherapist who qualified from King’s College London University in 2012 and has worked...

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What our patients say

  • I wish to ask you to pass on my Thanks and gratitude to Jamie and to highlight to his manager on how satisfied I am with his treatment ability and his care and gentleness from the first assessment to current date. Jamie’s professionalism continues, even on the day of his birthday, he’s very patient, he converse his point across very well with illustrated pictures, and he’s also I am a very happy and relaxed patient. Very punctual with his appointments time slots. My thanks goes out to Jamie. Keep up the good aura.

    Leigh Wilson,

  • Just a quick one from me to you at Balham Physio, I'd just like to say thank you very much for the treatment and services that you have provided me through cogent law. My physio Jamie has helped me no end and this is the reason why I have booked private sessions with you. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work, see you soon!

    Alex D'Andrea,

  • Many thanks for the Physio carried out on me over the last 5 weeks. It really has helped me immensely. A personal thanks to Jamie Wilson who kept me informed at all times on how I was progressing and the exercises he recommended for me really did make a huge difference. Many Thanks.

    John Fraser,

  • My name is Mr Jeff David and was receiving Physio for severe neck pains caused during a whiplash injury. My sessions are now completed and I would like to say thank you to my Physio Jamie. My Physio sessions have helped me to recover from my injury and I would recommend Jamie as a great Physio.

    Jeff David,

  • I would like to thank Jamie for being a superb physio. He said I could call him to discuss my return to playing football at any time, to make sure I come back and not cause any further injury, which goes beyond what I would expect. Please pass on my thanks, and regards to Jamie and the rest of the team, and his manager too, for the excellent service.

    John Simmonds,